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  1. Sartenada says:

    My wife worked for Finnish Olympic Committee. Guess if we love sport!!!


    1. How cool is that? Working for the Olympic committee! My husband is a curler. Do you have curling in Finland? I keep telling him he is trying to make the Olympic team, because he practices and plays so much. It is unusual to have a Curling Club where we live. We do not have any cold weather to speak of. In winter we rarely get below 40 and that is only for a few days. The Curling Club is a way to cool off here!


      1. Sartenada says:

        Hello Cady.

        She worked I he Finnish Olympic Committee. My wife has had many kinds of jobs. One in interesting was that she worked one year in the British Embassy. Mainly she worked mostly in some international and national companies as a book keeper.

        Yes, Curling is known here. We have achieved in the Olympic Games one silver, in World championship two bronzes and in European championship one gold medal and two bronze medals.

        Regards to your husband.



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