WeekendCaféShare: Moonshine, Bourbon and A New Umbrella

I love coffee, there is no two ways about it…….some coffee I love more than others. Come in, come in, I’m going to share some coffee I got for Christmas, so you must try it! It’s Elijah Craig, Bourbon Barrel Aged Coffee! My youngest daughter traveled down the Bourbon Trail in Kentucky before Christmas. And stopping at the many distilleries along the way, she found this coffee at the Heaven Hill Distillery and brought coffee back for me! It smells so yummy and it tastes delicious. Then I drank it all………….so for my birthday this weekend , (I am 29 again) I got more! 2 lbs this time!!!!!  A good day to celebrate and drink bourbon coffee!

Elijah Craig Coffee

And this afternoon I may follow the coffee up with  a salad with Moonshine Salad Dressing! It is sooooooo thick and creamy and only 70 calories per 2 TBSP! Have you looked at how many calories are in salad dressings!!!!!! And the low fat are AWFUL! I need a case of this! My daughter found the salad dressing at the Smith Creek Moonshine Ranch in Tennessee. I may have to stop every time I am in Tennessee or Kentucky to fill up the coffers!

Smith Creek Moonshine Vidalia Onion Creamy Ranch Dressing

So today was supposed to be rainy and cooler, 48 degrees, rather than 67 and sunny, like yesterday. However, in celebration of my birthday weekend (yes, I take the entire weekend to celebrate) today the weather is 48 and sunny! But, for Christmas I got the coolest umbrella! It’s a Weatherman umbrella! What is so nice about it you ask? Many things!!!!!! First of all, it comes in two sizes and I got the small one. It comes in many cool colors. It has a reflective strip around the edge, so you can be seen at night. It will not turn inside out and break in up to 55 mph winds.

Weatherman Umbrella
Weatherman Umbrella

And the coolest thing ever, it has an App that tells you by the hour, when you need your umbrella. You can set up the App to remind you daily if it’s going to rain, before you leave the house and again before you leave the office, or you can just look up the hourly rain details on the App. See that little round disc inside the pocket of the umbrella? That is to find the umbrella if you leave it somewhere! The App locates the umbrella for you too! How cool is that? So, I am all ready for celebrating and rain………

Weatherman Umbrella

I hope you all had a great week! Let me know!

PSSS  To see what others are talking about over their morning coffees look Here!

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  1. Oh, the coffee and salad dressing sound wonderful. Now for the big question: Do they actually have liquor in them, or are they just flavored as if they do?
    Happy Birthday. Love your header photo.


    1. The beans are roasted in very, very small batches of bourbon. My new pounds were fermented in a different batch of their bourbon, Evan Williams Bourbon. The Moonshine Salad Dressing does not list Moonshine in it. However I’ve been told that Moonshine can now be sold legally in TN. The ingredients look like every other bottle of salad dressing, but it is not thin and runny like most. This salad dressing is thick and creamy, so whatever is added adds greatly to the end product!

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      1. I recently read an article on modern moonshine production, and it is indeed legal. Of course the distillers have to apply for a special license to make and sell it, but evidently there are quite a few of them out there. The article was really interesting and told a very involved history or the mountain moonshiners from generations ago, bringing it up to the present day and explaining the distilling process, etc. But I read it while sitting in an office somewhere, waiting for something and now can’t remember what the name of the magazine was. Anyway, I’ve noticed that here in Southern Illinois, some of our local convenience stores that carry bottled liquor now have displays of moonshine for sale.


  2. Also, just thought I’d mention that my sister loves to travel too. And she has no qualms about traveling alone. Last year, after several people kept asking her, she decided to start a blog about her travels. She has a hard time keeping it up to date because she likes the traveling more than the writing about it, but she usually keeps a journal of each day’s events and important experiences so she can go back and get it all straight when she does sit down to write about it. You might enjoy touching bases with her at brendatravelssolo.wordpress.com.


    1. Oh, I will look her up! Thank you!


  3. Kathleen Howell says:

    They both sound delish and what an awesome umbrella!! I love how you can track it if it gets lost – that is awesome! Great gift..

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    1. Oh yeah, I’ll get a lot of use from this umbrella!


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