WeekendCaféShare: Christmas Is Over Bring On the New Year!

Come in, come in! We are having a heatwave, it’s up to 48 degrees today, so let’s celebrate with some fruitcake! Remember before Thanksgiving I made two fruitcakes, which were slathered in rum, wrapped up tight, and put in my bedroom closet to ferment? I had set a reminder on my phone because I was afraid I would forget them by Christmas. Well we opened them on Christmas Eve and Whala, it’s a very moist, very fruity, very nutty fruitcake and we all loved it! So I think this will be an annual pre-Thanksgiving event at our house!

Ta Da! The Fruitcake!

If we were having coffee this morning (with our fruitcake) you’d see I already have taken down my Christmas decorations. Since we put everything up at Thanksgiving, I am more than ready for it all to be gone by the New Year! The Santa’s are packed away!


And I am reminded of how many I have cross-stitched over the years……….


And how many I have yet to sew into ornaments…………..I need to live to be 105!

The Santas
The Santas

But, I also got three races in……….there is only so much time in a day………and night! I ran 50.7 miles in France on the Wine Trail,  81.1 miles with Van Gogh in the Netherlands, and finished up the 31.8 mile New Year’s race through Times Square! I’m still jog-walking over 50 miles a week!

The December Races
New Years Race

and the back of the medal…….is the ball coming down on New Years……

New Years Race

This medal is BIGGGGGGG and HEAVY……………..Cool! All of these runs were with YES.FIT!

And just to make things interesting, and to give myself a challenge, I signed up to walk, run or crawl, 2018 miles for 2018! Oh Boy! Can Ido it??????

AND right now I am in the 108 mile Florida Keys race and signed on to do a quickie 18 mile, add on, Cinderella Race! So, lots to be doing right now and in the near future! Well, I’ll see you next weekend with some book reviews, that I think you might be interested in! Take some fruitcake with you! And please let me know what you have been up to! AND Happy New Year!

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  1. Kathleen Howell says:

    I don’t know why fruitcake ever got such a bad rap – I always thought it sounded great! Congrats on your accomplishments – running and all that crosstitch! Wow! Great pics as always.. Have a safe and Happy New Year!


    1. Thanks Kathleen! A New Year a New Start!


  2. That fruit cake looks delicious but all that running makes me feel tired. Lovely x stitch. Happy New Year.


    1. Irene, Happy New Year!


  3. Love your cross stitching, they are beautiful. I haven’t cross stitched in a long time, but I really use to enjoy it. It is a very relaxing activity. Great post, thanks for sharing.


    1. Back in the day when I did a lot of hand stitching! I have oodles of quilts too! Now I jog-a-walk more! Happy New Year!


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