Christmas Special Writing Prompts: Days 9, 10, 11

Well, I got a little behind this weekend!  I was shopping and watching football, basketball and Season 2 of The Crown, oh my! Got all my runs in too! But, let’s get on to the writing!

Christmas Special Writing Prompt, Day 9

Oh gee, I would be embarrassed to write a letter to Santa!  It would have to be a more personal note rather than one asking for gifts……    Santa has been very good to me over the years, I would have to mention that! I would like to ask for Peace and Goodwill to Men, but I don’t think Santa is in charge of that, since it is up to all of US together! I would tell him his elves seem to be doing a good job and the children still look forward to his coming.  I would tell him there are many forces that would like to bring him down and ruin the day for the children, well everyone that believes in Santa, but there are just as many good people that try to help him out with the gifts. I would tell him the Spirit of the season still touches many people and I still think good conquers bad.

Christmas Writing Special Day 10

We have lived in North Carolina ten years and seen one snowy Christmas! However, we did get a dusting of snow, this weekend, just to remind us what it is! I think we may have a real winter this year! Growing up in the Midwest we were used to  a lot of snow and cold. The older we got and the more places we moved where there was little snow, we kinda wanted to give up the shoveling, icy roads, and gloomy days and go for the four seasons with just a smidgen of winter. I like snow on Christmas Eve and Christmas and then seventy degrees the next day. Just sayin’!

Christmas Writing prompt, Day 11

I like to think about that aluminum Christmas tree we had as kids. My mother loved blue and always set the light that lit up the aluminum tree to blue. I think, as I remember, the tree turned too!  And when I was very, very small there were ornaments that were baubles with a glass tube that actually bubbled. I wish I had some of those ornaments, even if they no longer worked. One of my favorite recent Christmas memories was going to Paris for Christmas! Paris is so magical at any time, but especially at Christmas. We stayed in an apartment in the Marais neighborhood and the streets were filled with blue lights everywhere, since it is the Jewish Quarter. The city was just beautiful and the department stores outstanding! There were several Christmas Markets too. We had a great time!

Paris at Christmas
Paris at Christmas
Paris at Christmas
Paris at Christmas
Paris at Christmas
Paris at Christmas

Need I mention the food and bread and cookies displayed in all the windows? YUMMY!!!!!

Paris at Christmas

This post is for the Christmas Writing Challenge….Won’t you join in too! See

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  1. Gillian says:

    Wishing you a very Merry Christmas holiday and Happy New Year!


  2. Thank you and same to you! Do you make New Years Resolutions?


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