Christmas Special Writing Prompt: December 7

Christmas Special Writing Prompt: December 7

I have always wanted to go to Quebec City, Canada at Christmas or for the Winter Carnival at the end of January. I love everything about the city! It is easy to get to from the US. The decorations at any time of year are fabulous. I can practice speaking French.

We have been there in the Fall to celebrate their Thanksgiving and it has snowed there in early October!  I love sitting by the fireplace and drinking hot chocolate and watching it snow!

The hotels are very chic and there is lots of shopping, eating and walking around to be done! I would want to take all my family with me to make this a very special event. Since none of my children or grandchildren have been there, it would be that much more special and I think they would enjoy all the winter sports as well! The thing that would hold me back is clothes for very cold weather. Since I live in the South, where temperatures rarely dip below freezing, I would have to purchase a heavier winter wardrobe and some boots!  That way I could go there every winter, right? I think I’m all in!

Won’t you join in too! See

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