Christmas Special Writing Prompt: December 6

When Do You Put Up Your Christmas Decorations?

My Christmas decorating starts right after Thanksgiving! This year we even got the tree the day before Thanksgiving because my daughter was here with her big SUV, to lug the tree home, and she was here to decorate it as well!

Christmas Tree

We collect Christmas ornaments from our travels during the year and put them in a basket on a very old cupboard until Christmas. It is fun looking for ornaments all over the world. This year, when we were in Portugal, we got ornaments made from tree cork! Some of my favorite ornaments are the hand blown ornaments from Egypt and my glass ornaments from Italy. Sadly, some of them broke over the last few years as we had “Issues” with the Christmas tree. (Read Previous Posts) But, we love decorating the tree and remembering all the places we have been.

Christmas Decorations

I also set my Christmas table at this time too.

Christmas Decorations

It is easy to decorate outside, as well, because many times the temperature is still in the high sixties as we put decorations out. I have Holly trees and I just add big red bows to their trunks, easy peasy! We leave everything up until New Year’s and then everything comes down and the tree goes out. All trees are collected and recycled.

Fosteri Holly Decorated for Christmas
Decorating in the South
Merry Christmas!

See you tomorrow with another Christmas post!

Won’t you join in too! See

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  1. restlessjo says:

    Late start this year. My tree’s only half decorated. 🙂 🙂 Nice to see other people’s traditions though. Have a wonderful festive season.


  2. Thank you! And Merry Christmas!


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