Christmas Special Writing Prompt: December 5

Do You Send/Receive Christmas Cards?

Yes, my husband and I both send out our own Christmas cards. When we got married my husband was in the military and  had a Christmas list of hundreds! This list was built from a twenty-four year career, so I didn’t know many of these people. So we established lists of yours, mine and ours, so to speak, and we still write out personal messages in each card. I wonder just how many men do that or ever did?

Instead of cards, we get a lot of letters typed and printed from a computer each year. It is nice to hear about and catch up on what every one has been doing, but to me it says I want you to know what I’ve been doing, but I’m so busy and have so many friends, I can’t bother with buying cards or adding a personal greeting!

The cards I choose to send always have some kind of glitter on them! If you’re going to send a card it should sparkle, I think, especially at Christmas!  I also like cards that have something about them that stands out. I buy several different types of cards, some religious,  some whimsical, but all with glitter of some kind. It is my trademark! This year, I had company for a week over Thanksgiving so I got all my cards ready and mailed before Thanksgiving. But, most of the time I am finished mid-December. Each year the Christmas card pile that we receive, gets smaller and smaller. People just don’t want to be bothered, I think. But, in my house the cards will continue to go out until we no longer know where you live or we’re dead!

When I  write out my cards I play Christmas music.

I also keep the Christmas cards I get from other people and I keep one of each card that I have sent out each year. I date them and put them in a big box under my bed. I guess, I’m keeping a record of how cards change over the years! I have always liked old cards, postcards and recipe boxes found in re-sale shops!

Won’t you join in too! See

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