Christmas Special Writing Prompt: December 4

Christmas Special Writing Prompt 4

It begins to feel like Christmas to me as soon as I see a Christmas commercial on TV. That starts right after Halloween! However, as it gets into Thanksgiving and we watch Macy’s Christmas parade and there is football, football and more football and more commercials, it seems I steadily get more Christmasy! Then the displays pop up in shop windows and the decorating of houses begins and with each day it feels more cheerful! I think people get more cheerful too! There seem to be many more houses decorated outside this year, but maybe I just notice it because I am outside strolling the neighborhood more! Also, I bake more at this time of year……….I use my mother’s recipe for fruitcake as a remembrance to her, bake lots of cookies (especially the recipes that have been passed down) just lots to do, and it all adds up to the remembrance of past holidays with family and friends! The Apple commercial is one of my favorites for this year…it’s the music, the snow and love that makes it feel Christmasy!

Won’t you join in too! See

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