Christmas Special Writing Prompts: One, Two and Three

How Did You Spend Last Christmas?

I just found this in my email and it looked very interesting, so I think I shall participate! Every day of December we will get a Christmas writing prompt so here goes! I will be doing three today to catch up! How did I spend last Christmas? It must have been a quiet day because I don’t remember anything unusual about it! I can’t even remember what I cooked, but I know I did. I do remember days before Christmas the Christmas tree fell over (fainted again) and I had a repair man come in about the TV and he offered to pick it up off the floor for me as it was a big tree and heavy. I said no leave it, I want my husband to see it since he was sure that the tree would not fall over this year. Not very Christmasy was I? Every year we go out and pick out a very big tree for the entryway and every year it is a struggle to get the tree in the stand and straight (well mostly hubby brings the tree in and wrestles with it trying to get it in the stand, with me doing what I do best, supervising) Not very Christmasy am I?  We had even purchased a bigger stand and one that was guaranteed to support a big tree. Hmmm……. So this year after consulting with my neighbor, (another one of my attributes) because she always has a big tree, we purchased this hum dinger of a tree stand and voila that big tree went in so easy and with the foot crank it was ratcheted in, perfectly straight in about two seconds. My husband was shocked it was so easy!

Do You Buy an Advent Calendar?

Oh, I have bought an Advent Calendar every year, ever since I received a virtual Calendar one year from Jacquie Lawson. And I send one to my sister, children and friends as well.  The calendars have been London scenes, Swiss village scenes, and German village scenes! There are games to play, pictures to color, snowflakes to make and trees to decorate! In addition, a Christmas ornament is opened daily and something new about the village is discovered and you learn a little about the history of the scene as well, in the books in the library. One of the village houses always has a library.  This year’s village is in a Swiss Alpine village. Christmas would not be Christmas without the Advent Calendar and I look forward to it every day in December! PS, I order it in November so I can get my snowflakes made, decorate all the trees and play the Christmas games until December 1st comes round!

Have You Started Your Christmas Shopping Yet?

I don’t have a particular day that I start shopping for Christmas. But, I am always done by Thanksgiving. I buy many items online and I get them early so I won’t have to worry about not getting something. I have been known to buy gifts for myself as well and I wrap them and put them under the Christmas tree! Not very Christmasy am I? I remember the days of Cabbage Patch dolls and other toys that the children wanted and running all over to try and find them before Christmas. Never again…… but I don’t have little ones any more either. And I remember in the old, old days, ha, taking a Sears catalog and going from one end to the other of the toy section and marking things I wanted Santa to bring me. Boy those days are long gone!

Well, that is my catch up for the Christmas writing prompts……. I think this is going to be a lot of fun! Brings back many memories! See you tomorrow!

Won’t you join in too! See


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