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Come on! Follow me up the driveway! I have just finished my two-mile-before-breakfast, (walk, jog-a-walk, run) and I need a cup of coffee! What would you like this morning? High sixties is hardly Christmas weather, but I’m not compIaining! What in the world am I doing you ask? I have discovered a fitness app called YES.FIT, and I am addicted! In November I logged over 360 miles in 5 races!  From August of this year I have logged 1,761,654 steps! These were my races with YES.FIT for November: The 10k Turkey Trot in Plymouth, Massachusetts, where I followed the pilgrims. The 33.1 mile Santa’s Reindeer Race on the Donner Pass, where I learned all about Santa and his reindeer. AND…… the biggie……. the 154.8 mile Great Ocean Road Race along the southern coast of Australia!

The Turkey Trot and the Run Now Gobble Later Medals with Me and My Running Shoes!
The Santa’s Reindeer and Christmas Sweater Medals
The Great Ocean Road Run Medal

How does all this work you ask? On the YES.FIT app you pick a race that is featured, there are many to choose from, so don’t worry about that! You will have a hard time picking just one! Then you pick your reward, be it a piece of Bling or a t-shirt, or both, and then pay your fee. When you link one of 21 apps that tracks your walks, activities, runs, (you choose) to the YES.FIT app and you have reached your mileage for the particular race you selected, they send you your reward! Now as you are running you see on your cellphone or later on the computer, the street view of the race you are on, just like you were there moving along the route. In addition, along the route you get to milestones that tell you something about the race. Oh, it is so much fun and the best thing is you can walk, jog, run, crawl (whatever) and can go as slow or fast as you want. Once you sign up for a race YES.Fit holds your reward until you have finished. I do one long race and several small races a month because I average seven to eight miles a day. But, that is just me, you can do the races like you want.

I also did two races in November with Gone For a Run, another virtual racing company. I did the Run Now Gobble Later 5k Race and the Christmas Sweater 5k Run. They offer Bling and gifts with your activity mileage. I got Turkey Gloves and the Christmas Sweater knit cap, along with my medals! With that company you sign up for the race of your choice, pay the fee, do the activity of walking or running , and they send you the goodies and you send them a photo of you on the run. You can do the activity, wherever is easiest for you. You can be by yourself or organize a group of friends to do the activity together, just like a real race.

The Cool Race Stuff from Gone For a Run

There is a big YES.FIT FB page of very friendly, encouraging participants. They encourage everyone; no matter your size, the shape you are in or your age. The most important thing is to move and do some exercise at your own level and pace and have a great deal of fun along the way! Well, I hope you will check this out if you are looking for some exercise! What do I like about these runs? I can do them where ever and whenever I want. I can run by myself or with friends. I don’t have to wait for an organized run in my area to participate. I don’t have to drive miles to participate in a run. AND the big thing ……. I don’t have to worry if I am the slowest, the fattest, or the oldest! I can just have fun!

Here is the website for YES.FIT and here is Gone For a Run! See you next week for our coffee time!

PS   For starters, On December 1, I signed up to do the 81.7 mile, Van Gogh Race, where I will be running in the Netherlands and learning along the way about Van Gogh and the 31.8 mile, 2018 New Year’s Run in New York, around Manhattan to Times Square, where the ball drops every New Years Eve! Both races are with YES.FIT. Here is my Runners Bib (I made it with the help of my friends on the YES.FIT FB page) for the New Years Race!

My NewYears Run Race Bib

PSS  You can only log one race at a time! Let me know if you have any questions and I’ll see you next weekend! I’m outta here!

PSSS  To see what others are talking about over their morning coffees look Here!

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  1. trentpmcd says:

    Sounds like a fun app.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. The app sounds like fun, and the medals are wonderful. Great post, thanks for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Colline says:

    Interesting. Not an app I would use as running is not my thing.


    1. I started as a very very slow walker, but I like being outside! Now I walk and run inside too!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Ann LeFlore says:

    This is an interesting app and seems like a lot of fun. There are a few other apps for fitness that are fun to use.


  5. I have just put a step app on my phone and it is fascinating for me (annoying for my husband) how far I have walked. It has a fitness routine so I should look and see if it has a running race. Sounds like fun. The real thing wouldn’t appeal to me at all but doing it virtually is another matter altogether. Happy running.


  6. Irene, It is very addictive and you get to visit other parts of the world! Which app are you using? I’ve used fitbit and now use the app on my apple watch.


  7. eclecticalli says:

    I can’t run – but I do love the concept of that app! What a fun way to keep moving!


    1. Oh, I could barely walk around the block when I started and didn’t want to walk around the block. Now I skip to my Lou everywhere! And feel so good!


      1. eclecticalli says:

        My body won’t let me run. Restricted to low-impaxt exercises.

        Liked by 1 person

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