WeekendCaféShare: The New Post Office

Pecan Goat Cheese Biscuits

Welcome! Come on in and have a cuppa with me. What is the fragrance you ask? It is the Chocolate Cocoa and Creme candle from Bath & Body! Doesn’t it fill the entire house with a chocolate aura? It’s like I’ve been baking all morning! But, actually I baked yesterday.  I made Pecan and Goat Cheese Biscuits and served them with a creamy beef stew. Yum! And tomorrow I am preparing the Christmas fruitcakes. The man in the liquor store looked so disappointed when I said I needed the dark black rum for my fruitcakes! We’re not big drinkers here! Eaters maybe, but drinkers no.

Now about our new post office……..We have lived in our little village for ten years and mail was not deliverable to our cottages. We had to go to the post office and pick it up. Now the post office had it’s plusses and minuses. It was nice to see your neighbors and catch up on all the town’s gossip (and we’ve had plenty this year, believe me) but the downside was the parking lot. We do not have enough parking for the village and the post office parking lot was forever full, even with signs that said, Do Not Park Here Unless You Are Going In the Post Office.  From the congestion at the post office parking lot I think most people took that sign as saying, Get your Mail and Run all Your Errands All Over Town, Have Lunch in One of the Cafes and then 4 Hours Later Come Back and Move Your Car! Needless to say, unless you went to the post office at 10Dark Hundred you would be waiting to get into the parking lot and risk getting run over when you tried to back out of your parking space. Everyone hates that parking lot!

The New Post Office

So, I felt like I have received an early Christmas present when the new post boxes were installed in our neck of the woods. And who knew those nice people at Amazon leave packages at your door at 9PM at night or 7AM on Sundays? Previously, all packages were left at the post office and THEY would put them in your box when THEY were good and ready. Usually 2 days later……….. Oh, I am so happy……I practically skip to the new boxes……….1/8 mile each way, I counted. So getting mail is now an exercise too and since the boxes are right in front of the dog park you can poop your dog and get the mail! Ain’t life grand?

Please tell me what you have been up to this week…..It’s always good to hear from you! See you next week!

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  1. Tena Carr says:

    I can see why you (and others) wouldn’t like that parking lot – sounds like a mess. I also hate backing out of parking spaces, even in large parking lots, and much prefer backing in to one whenever possible. Been a relatively good week for me but not very exciting.


    1. Well we have to have the not so exciting weeks to appreciate the fantastic weeks😀 My other pet peeve about driving here is the folks who drive down our Main Street and then suddenly make a sharp u-turn in the middle of the street so they can park on the opposite side of the street rather than go around the block and come back around on the correct side of the street!

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  2. JT Twissel says:

    Our small town is also a pain to drive around – especially when, as you point out, someone just has to park on the other side of the road and tie up traffic.


  3. Kathleen Howell says:

    How nice! It’s like how I felt when our trash collector issued us these really nice recycling dumpsters – no more trips to the recycling center! Those biscuits sounds SO good! And, I love “poop your dog”, never heard it said like that before! LOL


    1. I tend to talk like I see it! If we had to take our trash to the recycling center it would not get done! We do have two bins and the recycling goes out every other week. Not enough room for them mind you, I don’t even live on a street front, so I wheel them out to the street where they are in everyones way! Don’t even get me started on that!


  4. We used to live in a town where the locals had to collect their mail from the post office which happened to be me. I know exactly what you are talking about and understand your joy at your new boxes. I am amazed however at you getting deliveries in the evening – that doesn’t even happen in the bigger smoke. I wonder if you will miss the social side of collection but perhaps pooping your dog will find you chatting to just as many over a more pleasurable activity.


    1. Irene we have 13 cottages in our “Hood” and one is used only in the winter months. The 12 remaining cottages have 17 dogs and numerous cats, my neighbor has 6 cats alone. So we are all up and down the path daily! We all know each other well!

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      1. Sounds like a nice neighbourhood to live.


  5. The biscuits look very tasty. 🙂 How wonderful to have those new mailboxes so nearby – there’s nothing worse than having to wait ages to get a package that you know should have been with you earlier. This happens to us if we are not at home to receive a package – sometimes we are lucky and a neighbour takes it in for us, but often it is sent back to the parcels’ office which means a trip out in the car to get it.

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    1. Oh I’m in a baking marathon girl! Have done nothing but bake everyday! Amazon has its own delivery service and they must work all day and night like elves because now that we have home delivery I get packages at all hours! Before they delivered to the po and those girls put packages in our boxes when they were good and ready, but I know they are overworked or think they are! Love the new boxes!!!!!


      1. I enjoy baking and would bake every day – the trouble is that we would have to eat it! Too many tasty cakes etc for our own good, and our waistlines. 🙂

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