Behind Door 659

La Veranda, Regent Seven Seas Explorer

Well, we have been on the ship for a couple of hours now, but I’m excited to go see the cabin, aren’t you?  I guess I’ll have to get up from my comfy spot at La Veranda and move on! On the way, let’s look at some of the two thousand pieces of artwork aboard the ship! It’s like being in an art gallery! Look around…….. it’s everywhere! My favorite was the Featured Photo!

The Artwork Aboard the Regent Seven Seas Explorer
The Artwork Aboard the Regent Seven Seas Explorer

While we are walking to the elevators the beautiful arrangements of fresh flowers catch my eye too!

Fresh Flowers on Regent Seven Seas Explorer

Taking the elevator to our room………

The Elevators

Let’s see, we need level Six……….

It’s a Sign!

And then down the hall…………

The Sixth Floor Hall, Regent Seven Seas Explorer

Right across from  Marilyn …………..

Marilyn Has Arrived Aboard the Explorer!

is room 659!

Room 659

Shall we go in? We’ve never been on a cruise before so we really don’t know what to expect!

Regent Seven Seas Explorer

The queen-sized bed looks so comfy! There’s a walk-in closet with our life jackets……….and bathrobes and slippers, oh my!

The Walk-In Closet

And a marble bathroom with double sinks, bathtub and rain forest shower room! And of course you need the telephone right?

The Marble Bath
The Marble Bath
The Marble Bath

Then the Living Room………..with wi-fi, big screen TV, coffee maker, and refrigerator……..

The Loving Room/ Entertainment Room

More champagne and fresh fruit was there too. The sofa area revealed more artwork and  a fresh orchid……each room is different, I checked with my neighbors!

The Sofa Area
The Living Room
Out to a 10ft by 12 ft Patio!

And out to the HUGE patio!

The Patio
The Patio

Well,  after such an exhausting  (HA HA) day I just might have to order a dessert! How about a Salted Caramel Crunch Chocolate Sundae? OMG! My face says it all!! They bring in the white table cloth, and fancy table service to set up the table in our room……just for a dessert!

The Salted Caramel Crunch Chocolate Sundae

Well, goodnight dear friends it has been a wonderful day! Can’t wait for tomorrow in Dinan, France! It’s going to take some getting used to……….. waking up in a different city everyday and sometimes a different country! But, I’ll manage!

The Sun is Setting and We Are Moving!

See you soon!

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  1. Enjoy your cruise. I can remember talking to you about ours earlier in the year (it was our first also). The art auctions we found were a lot of fun and the prices that the pieces sold for staggering. Your cabin reminds me of ours. I want to go again. Have fun.


  2. Irene, there were no auctions on our ship. The art was just there for us to enjoy! And we did!


  3. Eunice says:

    The ship looks absolutely fabulous, and the dessert looks divine. I’m glad you enjoyed your cruise 🙂


    1. Thanks Eunice! Any more postcards lately?


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