WeekendCaféShare: It’s Time to Think About Baking!

Good Morning! Are you ready for a cup of coffee? How about a Pumpkin Spiced Coffee with whipped cream and cinnamon too! Can’t go wrong with that! I’ve been planning my Thanksgiving Menu. I’m a great planner! And list maker! I so love the  AnyList App!!!!  I have ALL my lists on this App! One can never have too many Lists!  I really like that I can import my recipes into it and make a grocery list from those. Or I can just tell ALEXA to add items to my AnyList App! I can send a list to someone else, like hubby, who is still hand writing his lists and forgetting to take them!  I can even get my AnyList on my Apple Watch, don’t even need to have my phone with me! Just how cool is that?

I’ve been going through the magazine,  Fall Baking,  from Taste of the South, and I think I could make every recipe in there! They all look so good! And……. the majority of them are made in a cast iron skillet! Can’t get more Southern than that! SO, I started new lists……. ThanksGiving Eats and Christmas Eats (I have to spread all these goodies out)  On my Holiday Eats Lists I have starters, breads, mains, sides, desserts and then I put them in a folder and schedule them on the THINGS App, so I’ll know when I plan to make them! THINGS allow you to plan and see the entire calendar year and what you need to do on any given day! You can add notes and plan things for the Short Haul or the Long Haul or for just Someday! The list making led me to looking over the panty to see what provisions I was going to need and that led me to the King Arthur website to re-order flour and all those yummy sounding spices they have. And then when I went grocery shopping on Old Lady’s Day, that would be Thursdays, because retired people get a discount on Thursday’s at our grocery store. (if you tell them every week that you are old) And there sitting on the end cap of the baking aisle was the fruit cake makings……… The mixed fruit, the candied red cherries, the candied green cherries, the pineapple wedges, and the dates, all just waiting for me!

Let the Baking Begin!

My mother loved fruitcake and everybody else in our family hated it…… but over the years, after my mother passed, I started making it in remembrance of her at Thanksgiving and gradually came to like it, sort of……….. like one small piece of it. I serve the rest of it during Christmas or give it out to friends. This year, I am thinking of making the fruitcake with some bourbon added and then wrapping it in a cheesecloth of bourbon……I think I can make that really far in advance, like now……..and the folks might come to really love that Fruitcake!

The Fruitcake Mix Collection

What have you been up to this week? Please share with the rest of us! See you next weekend!

PS  To see what others are talking about over their morning coffees look Here!

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  1. Kathleen Howell says:

    DEFINITE list maker here!! I’ll have to check out AnyList.. I’ve been using Wunderlist. Fall baking is such a delight. I just wish these wonderful sounding dishes were more diet-friendly!


    1. Kathleen, I think you will really like AnyList! No calories here! What calories? Ha Ha! Everything in moderation, though!


      1. Kathleen Howell says:

        Haha, yes, absolutely. 🙂 Gotta live a little. Hopefully they make for Android soon, right now it’s only for Apple.


      2. Oh really, I didn’t know that!


  2. Now you have made my mouth well and truly water I’ll have to go and find something to eat. We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving so the feasting doesn’t start for us until Christmas. Pumpkin coffee – I love pumpkin and I love coffee but I will have to think about combining the two.


    1. Oh, no Thanksgiving? I thought maybe it was celebrated there in October like the Canadians do! Does Starbucks have that flavor of coffee? It is one of there biggest sellers here and really GOOD!

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      1. We have nothing at all like Thanksgiving. If we did it would probably be gruel replicating convict’s meals. We don’t have Starbucks here. We were one country they couldn’t make a dent in and most failed financially. I think it was because we already had a vibrant coffee culture. I’ll bet someone is doing it though.


      2. Well I learn something everyday!

        Liked by 1 person

      3. So do I. The beauty of travelling the world via blog.

        Liked by 1 person

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