Cruising: Let’s Pack!

The days of the steamer trunk are over!  And remember these? We’ve all had them!

Old Heavy Luggage

Suitcases are now much lighter and made of sturdier fabrics made for wear and tear! There are some great new packing ideas, especially for the Cruisers! Let’s see the new bags and how they can be used for the cruising crowd! First, do you want to see my carry-on bag? Here it is!!!  Oh my, what do we have here? It is very small! Welcome to the FOLD!

Folding Shopping Bag by Biaggi: Will be My Carry-On Bag!

This is the  Foldable Shopping Bag from Biaggi. When I am done using the bag  I just fold it and zip it away, so it takes up as little space as possible! Opened, it is perfect for my carry-on bag for the cruise!  There is a zipped pocket on the inside and a zipped pocket on the outside………

The Front of the Foldable Shopping Biaggi Bag

And a sleeve to hook the bag on your larger baggage handle too………….

The Back of the Foldable Shopping Biaggi Bag

The bag is very wide and deep to carry lots of STUFF!

The Side of the Foldable Shopping Biaggi Bag

Now watch the video…………

Now what else can we fold? Why our luggage of course! Here is the back of the 31″ Foldable Spinner Zipsak, unpacked. Notice all the outer pockets? It’s also on very nice spinner wheels!

The 31″ Foldable Spinner Zipsak

Here is the front of the Zipsak with the identification label and a Smart Recovery Tag too (that tag is addressed later in the post)

The Foldable Spinner Zipsak Front

Here is the side of the empty Zipsak so you can see the side handle too. Good for lifting if you need to!

The Side View of a 31″ Empty Foldable Spinner Zipsak

Now watch the video to see how convenient this bag is, especially for the cruising set. Unpack that suitcase and Fold it UP and get it out of your way!

Now for the ZipCubes to put in your Zipsak……….. The 31″ Zipsak will hold 7 of the 31″ ZipCubes and more!

The ZipCube for a 31″ Zipsak

And here are six pair of Tieks shoes packed in 1/3 of a ZipCube!!!! Awesome! And I have six more ZibCubes to pack!

The ZipCube for a 31″ Zipsak

Or, I could pack my Tieks in the Shoebag that comes with every three Zipcubes you buy! More that 9 pair of Tieks will fit in that shoebag!!!!  Who needs nine pair of shoes on a cruise? What else can I put in that bag?   Hmmmm…. my must haves on vaca….. plastic bags in assorted sizes, you never know when you’ll need a plastic ziploc bag. Good for treats in your purse when you are off on an excursion…….. or wet clothes that did not dry in time……..and souvenirs won’t be all jumbled together.  Oh, and I take small pieces of bubble wrap too, in case I buy something fragile that needs to be protected. Yep, all that could go in a shoebag!

The Biaggi Shoebag

Here is my Foldable Spinner Zipsak suitcase and the ZipCubes ready to be filled.  The suitcase opens from the side for easy packing or from the top to get something out you have packed on top!

My Biaggi ZipSak with 7 ZipCubes to Fill!

And when I get to the cruise ship I will take out the ZipCubes and place them in the drawers and fold up my Zipsak and Carry-on bag and store them……..wherever, out of my way!

My Closed Biaggi 31″ Foldable Spinner Zipsak

I think the Biaggi Bags are awesome! When I get home my Biaggi bags are tucked away in the closet, not taking up tons of room!

Now, about the cute Smart Recovery Tag as seen on my Zipsak. It is embedded with information that I put in it and have access to! Only me!  However, I can track that bag wherever it goes. So, if I landed in Spain and my luggage is still at Heathrow, or wherever, I will know it! The tag can be scanned and read, with info going to the Smart Tag Recovery site which I have access to.  The person who finds the bag does not have direct access to me.  They can message me through the site and let me know what they plan to do with my luggage! Ha! Now if a thief gets my luggage he probably won’t scan the tag, but I’ll know where he cut the tag off! Get out those strong wire clippers though! Just sayin’! All of the bags and cubes can be found on the Biaggi website, HERE. They also come in many colors, not just the gray, that I have selected! The Smart Recovery Tags can be found on Amazon! I am getting ready to go! I hope you have enjoyed my packing tips!

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  1. carol1945 says:

    I am going on a trip to Canada in September, and I will save this post for future reference. Thanks.


    1. I think you will like these bags! I do!


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