Travel Theme: Seeds

Today’s Travel Theme for Where’s My Backpack is SEEDS! How about a trip to Renfros Farm Supply in Matthews, SC, to get our seeds? This is the real deal farm supply store that has everything! Including Seeds!

Seed Packets Galore

And more seeds…………

Seed Packets Galore

And everything else for the garden to grow!

Renfro’s Farm Store
More Seed Packs

You need to advertise that you sell seeds, just in case people don’t know…………..

Anybody Got Seeds?

They don’t throw anything away either.

Renfro’s Farm Store

And outside the store you can get bird feeders and corn for the squirrels too. It just keeps everyone happy!

Outside Renfro’s Farm Store

I hope you have enjoyed my photos of seeds! This is a part of the Where’s My BackPack’s: Travel Theme challenge. To participate just click Here!

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