One Word Photo Challenge: Glue

Oh my, what do we have here? Broken Waterford Crystal that’s what! As I was dusting one day I happened to look in my china cupboard and thought, “these crystal coffee goblets don’t look right!” They were broken at the base and their tops were leaning ever so gently to the side and up against the cupboard wall. When did this happen and why did no one tell me? Hmm………………  One goblet was too far gone, sheared at a rough angle, but the other looked like it had just toppled, like Humpty Dumpty, from it’s base. I was not about to throw them out and I didn’t think GLUE was a good remedy either.  So I recycled them to use as small candle holders tucked in the garden. Expensive candle holders I’d say! I don’t leave them there either! I bring them in after use!

The Broken Crystal Goblets
The Broken Crystal Goblets

If you would like to join this week’s challenge, look Here!

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