A Photo a Week Challenge: Boats and Ships

For this week’s challenge we are to share a photo or two, or more, featuring crafts that move on the water. I have lots to share so here is my entry for this week! I’m starting off with the big boys!

The Cruise Ships in Istanbul, Turkey
The Cruise Ships in Istanbul, Turkey

Then the medium sized crafts………….

The Scenic Cruise Boats in Istanbul, Turkey
Boats in a Row in Istanbul, Turkey
A Private Boat in Istanbul, Turkey

Moving on to boats in St Ives, Cornwall………………..

Boats in the Boatyard in St Ives, Cornwall
Boats in Water in Low Tide, St Ives, Cornwall

And then there is life on the beach in St Ives………………..

The Beach at St Ives, Cornwall

Finally Just for FUN! The above photo two ways. One in the Rabbits Hole!

Here We Are in the St Ives Rabbit Hole!

And one in Tiny Planet!

Our Tiny Planet!

This is just one of the posts for A Photo a Week Challenge! Why don’t you check out the others! So much fun!

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