WeekendCaféShare: Poison Ivy and Bio Bits

If we were having coffee I would invite you onto the porch and say, “let’s skip the coffee and go right to the Mimosas! Pretend we’re at the beach!”

Mimosas On the Beach, Cornwall, UK

Or maybe how about a taste of fresh strawberries?  Let’s drink something that just screams SUMMER!  I have not been feeling so great. Those red, angry-looking blotches on my face that are covered in a glaze of white are the result of the poison ivy and treatment, that I thought I had tackled handily last weekend. I had been out early in the morning and saw some bright young green “weeds” lurking among my plants and thought I’d just pluck them right up, no problem.  Within hours, that tiny irritated place on my finger was just the start. By mid-week my face, neck, hands, and arms were joining in on the fun. The Zanfel, which is my go-to-poison-anything-med, obviously had run it’s course and one summer is all the course will run. And that was last summer. It has a short shelf life, but is very powerful. In the summer I should just carry a tube with me, like one does an epi-pen for bee stings. So after going  to buy a fresh tube (a little tube at $45.00 a crack) I think I am now on the mend, but I still look a spotty sight!

But, for other news, I posted my first blog post on the Cruise adventure we are taking. I am going to cover it, as I discover interesting tidbits and tips all the way through the cruise and all the stops!  I’ll share how I plan for things from the git-go and find new items which I think will be helpful for others, who might be contemplating a cruise. There is some really neat travel items available right now! So look for those posts on Fridays! If you missed yesterday’s first post, here is the Intro Page and the first blog, Where To Start.

The other item, I would like to mention, that I have thought about sharing every week and then properly got sidelined by other thoughts, is my Bio Bits. What are Bio Bits, you ask? Well, once a week I write a little bio, just something I remember about a family member or event, and write it in my Day One Journal. Day One Journal is an App on my IPhone that I have set it up to remind me weekly to write something. I can also add pictures to it. It is so easy and does not have to be long or drawn out. I wanted to write about family members and events because I realized that my children and grandchildren really don’t know about any of the family except the living . When we are together we rarely talk about long departed family members beyond my mother and father. So after I have a months worth of Bio Bits (the term I use for them) I transfer them to my Ancestry pages. This way my family will know something of their ancestors after I am gone.  And we’ve got an intriguing bunch of folks! This might be something you would want to do for your family too. 

So what have you been doing this week? Are you planning a vaca? Been working in your gardens? Entertaining? Let me know, I love hearing from all of you!

This is part of the #Weekend Coffee Share! I think it is great having coffee with all of you! It is hosted by Nerd in the Brain!  Be sure to link up so you can see what everyone else is saying over coffee!

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  1. Sherry Felix says:

    I just hang around NYC city, try to stay cool, and find some infesting things to photograph once in a while.

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    1. Well enjoy the summer!

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  2. vernette says:

    Oh no sorry to hear about the poison ivy, hope it heals quickly. And yes! I will definitely join you for a mimosa. Thank You.


    1. I don’t even have to see that stuff to get it! I am hyper allergic to it and get it every summer come what may! Such a bummer!

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      1. vernette says:

        Damn that sucks.


  3. Pamela Morse says:

    Thanks for the mimosas. They were fabulous. I think studying for a trip is one of the best parts of travel. You will have such a good time. I do ancestry, but have not herd of bio bits..interesting way to collect data.

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    1. The bio bits were my own creations!!! Ha ha! I think the prep work for a Vaca is almost as fun as the Vaca! I always have things in my mind as I think they will be on vacation and then pleasantly surprised when they are different!


  4. Sorry to hear about the poison ivy!

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    1. I get this every year!!!!! And for whatever reason I think every year I will not get it! I was hoping to outgrow it, but at 70 I think it is a lost cause.

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  5. Allergy are painful. A cold clothe will help. My arms have rash that painful. Let’s both have a better week.

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    1. Exactly BettyLouise!

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