Travel Theme: Only Four?

Have you ever tried to find photos with groups of four in them? It would be easier to find a photo of four thousand in mine! I think nature goes with the odd numbers too.  Anyway, it seems like that in the photos I take. However, I did manage to find some!

Four Cans A Watering…………….

Four Cans a Watering

Four Roses Roseing…………..

Four Roses Rosing

Four Vegetables Plotting………..

Four Vegetables Plotting

Four Tin Flowers A Tinning……….

Four Tin Flowers A Tinning

And Two Red Roses and Two Buds in a Gallery! Enjoy today’s Travel Theme: Four!

This is a part of the Where’s My BackPack’s travel theme challenge. To participate just click HERE!


One Comment Add yours

  1. Debbie Smyth says:

    Yes, nature and our composition eyes go for odd numbers!
    But you have some good ones here


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