Color Your World: This Is Not About Corn or Is It?

Cornflower Blue

The color today is cornflower, a color I really like in my garden as I am drawn to blue, lavender and purple flowers and pots in my garden. Isn’t this flower delicate? I’m not sure what it is though, as usual.

The common names for cornflower are bachelor’s button, bluebottle, boutonniere flower, and hurtsickle.

Hurtsickle? Where does that word come from? It is named so, because the plant is difficult to cut down!

The cornflower is an annual flowering plant native to Europe. In the past it often grew as a weed in cornfields, hence its name. Now the plant is endangered in its natural habitat due to the overuse of herbicides destroying the fields.  How sad! So I am showing an all blue cornflower day and a bluish cornflower colored flower for today’s Color Your World choice! Enjoy!

Color your World  is a 4 month long daily blogging challenge event. Each day has a new color theme based on a crayon color in Crayola’s box of 120 crayons.

The challenge runs January 1, 2017 to April 29, 2017. Please join us in this challenge! It’s fun!


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  1. BuntyMcC says:

    That flower looks like Centaurea montana, a perennial. called commonly ‘Bachelor’s Button” and sometimes perennial cornflower. I have that one in my garden in PEI and it’s the leaves that give it away. The annual Centaurea cyanus (also called cornflower and Bachelor’s buttons) has a similar but fuller flower and smaller leaves; I’ve tried unsuccessfully to grow it. Either way, I too love this particular blue.

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    1. Oh good I thought it was a version of the cornflower but I wasn’t sure! Thank you Bunty!

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  2. restlessjo says:

    Is that Castle Howard in that lovely wistful shot in the sidebar? 🙂


    1. No, it was just in the countryside in Kent.

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