FB Memo, What Do You Think?


FB Memo
FB Memo

This memo was recently sent to me on FB.  I thought it was so true. Except, I am not being followed by the police, private investigator or psychiatrist.  Sometimes I think the same way about blogging. Why do we do it? I like to think I am helping others decide where to go on vacation and share things I have enjoyed while I was on mine. I like to get off the beaten path and stay at different lodgings than most. So I share. I like to take photos, so I share.  I like to think of my blogging as more of a journal. I like to think my great-grandchildren will read my posts and know something about me. Ask most children who their great-grandparents were and they don’t even know their names, much less anything about them! When I was in a writing class a few years ago I lamented that I liked to write personal stories, family history or about everyday occurrences when others liked to write about zombies, warlocks, space travel and such.  A gentleman came up to me after the class and said, “Don’t worry, in the end, reading about how people lived is all anyone will want to know about.” Hmmm…….I’ll keep blogging and writing then. What do you think? Why do you blog?



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  1. GeorgieMoon says:

    I’ve seen this FB memo going around too! It’s hard to explain why Facebook and blogging are so addictive. I think people just like comparing themselves to other people! I blog because I like writing, I like meeting similar minded people on line, and it’s nice to look back on what you wrote.

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    1. But, when I am around people I know they never ask about my vacations or anything that I write about. They ask, “how are you,” and go right into what they are doing!

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  2. carol1945 says:

    I do not use Facebook with friends, but I do follow many interesting sites to view photos and info about upcoming classes or hikes. I think the reason I do the blog is because I used to have pen pals as a child. And this blogging is a way to connect to other people with similar interests. I have always had burning curiosity about different parts of the world. So, following a blog from someone in New Zealand takes me to that part of the world in a different way than a book would.


    1. I agree with you totally! I love reading about places that are different to what I know!


  3. Sherry Felix says:

    I love to find out about others and share my photography. WP It is a form of connecting with other people. I feel I have met some lovely people, such as you.


    1. Thank you Sherry! I feel the same about you!


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