Do You Have Time For That?


I am a firm believer in this saying…….only it should read 7 Days a week…. Just sayin’ KushandWizdom!

I think I am very good at time management. I know what I want to have time for; my pursuits like writing, blogging, gardening and traveling. But, I can’t do any of these things until I get what, I think, has to be done, first. My family is my very first priority. The house has to be clean and tidy. The laundry has to be done, sorted and put away.  My meal plan must be thought out and the meal started if necessary. The errands are run first.  And, whatever else is on the horizon for any given day must be done first. Only then, am I comfortable with doing what I want to do. I guess you call that priorities. My family’s priorities come first and if I have to get up earlier to get them done, so be it. I will find a way for the fun stuff, don’t worry!


This is my post for JustJotItJanuary! It sounded like fun and one can never have enough challenges! This is a blog challenge where we are to write/post something for each day in January.  Today’s prompt is Time!

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  1. Michael says:

    I like how you organise your time….I’m a tad more haphazard I am sorry to say…

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    1. Years of being RN and working 12 hours shifts also helped me get it together!

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  2. wendyj59 says:

    I’m working on getting better time management in place this year.


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